Laser punch Drip and rain pipes for farm irrigation

Salient Features of Shivam Laser Rain Pipes

  • Fast irrigation – energy saving and smooth movement of water
  •  Works on low pressure
  •  Low incidence of clogging due to laser punched holes.
  •  No filter.
  • Manufactured from special grade virgin poly ethylene mixture and UV stabilized to protect from sun.
  • Low price compared to sprinklers

Technical data

• Diameter 32mm, 64mm,75mm,90mm (available is layflat tubing with no holes)
• Wall thickness 300 micron (12 mil), 400 micron (16 mil)
• Operating Pressure 0.7 kg/cm² for 32mm
• Discharge of 172 – 180lph per mtr.@0.7kg/cm²  for 32mm

• Wetting diameter 8m.

• Approx. Permissible length 45m for 32mm
• Recommended pipe spacing 6m for best.

Custom order of any thickness, any size and any hole spacing is possible.